This cute little babe can be knit up in under an hour using some scrap yarn! If you want to make a little lime friend instead, try using green yarn!


- 4 x 2.25mm DPNS

- 1 yard fingering weight yarn

- black thread

- tapestry needle


Cast on 3 sts

Knit 1 row of I-cord

Separate stitches evenly onto 3 DPNS

Row 1 M1 in every stitch {6 sts}

Row 2 (M1 K1) 3 times {9 sts}

Row 3 (M1 K2) 3 times {12 sts}

Row 4 Knit

Row 5 (M1 K1) 6 times {18 sts}

Row 6 - 14 Knit

Row 15 (K2tog K1) 6 times {12 sts}

Row 16 Knit

Stuff piece.

Row 17 (K2tog K2) 3 times {9 sts}

Row 18 (K2tog K1) 3 times {6 sts}

Row 19 K2tog 3 times

Row 20 Knit

Break yarn and draw the tail tightly through the remaining 3 stitches.


With black sewing thread, embroider two ‘v’s that are one stitch high to make eyes. Blink blink!


Draw both of the ends of the body colour yarn and the black thread through the body and bury them.