The Artists

For our whole lives we have loved the feeling of holding something beautiful that we had created. Jewelry was one of the things which captured our attention, but we have experimented with various arts along the way. Since our childhood there has always been some creative tool in our hands.

At the ripe old age of 12 Jamie began selling her handcrafted accessories from home. Only a couple years later she officially launched ‘Dawning’. Following our wedding in 2015, we have married our talents together to inspire and equip the everyday adventurer. We are passionate artisans who create contemporary items for people like us who find beauty in the everyday. Our products kindle wistful thoughts of wandering and discovering. Art is a lifestyle for us and we are continuously creating and designing from inspiration in our day-to-day lives and beyond.


Jamie is the designer behind many of our products. She was the original founder of Dawning which was named for her middle name 'Dawn'. She forms most of our jewelry and some of the leather goods. She spends her spare time dabbling in other arts including watercolour, knitting, sewing, and hacking away at the ukulele. 


Lyndon lends his head and hands in assisting in production. He also designs a lot of the art and graphics for Dawning. He lived in Kentucky for 5 years and is the oldest of 8 siblings. He spends his spare time baking some mad bread.