About the Maker

I’m Jamie, a wife, a mother to 4 small children, and a lifelong creative. I started Dawning in Canada in my young teens and have been operating it for over half my life. I love quiet mornings, hot drinks, and handmade mugs with impractical handles. My jewelry started as simple assembly of sourced pieces, and morphed through soldering, metal clay, ceramics, and casting. I love making pottery, knitting gossamer bits and bobs, and chatting with my husband or a friend (especially with one of those impractical handles).


About the STUFF

I love understated whimsy. A piece the looks from afar like a little silver ball and when you get close enough you see it’s a little insect. Y’know. Ethereal but make it classic. I enjoy pieces that are high quality and can last for a lifetime, and be repaired if need be. I love pieces that are little artworks, and not of-the-moment trends. My pieces are made from high quality, long lasting materials and alloys.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to enjoy your jewelry for a long time to come! If your necklace chain breaks, we'll repair it. Forever. Have a question? Ask! We're here to help you.